Rick Hanson's 5 minute challenge

Within these times it's easy for any of us to get caught up in cycles of fear, contraction and hopelessness. So here's a simple, quick practice from Rick Hanson that we can build into each day of our lives - to build resilience and to train our minds towards a greater capacity to open up to well-being, happiness and appreciation for all that is good and positive in our lives - even/especially whilst living through a time of risk and uncertainty - this will help us 'top up' our reserves, help us not get burnt out and exhausted.

Practice the following five or six times a day (singly or blend together as opportunities arise)

1. Look out for the good, small experiences (a clear blue sky, completing a task, a bird landing on your window sill, someone cooking you a nice meal, a smile from a colleague) and take a breath, slow down, let the experience sink into you, savour it, allow it space to grow. This is basically developing self-reliance, not dependent on the vagaries of the external world.

2. Know one thing (or more) you are trying to 'grow' inside you these days (patience, greater self-compassion, equilibrium, courage, kindness to others..) and look for any chances in the day when you can recognise, feel and internalise this personal 'challenge' - for a couple of minutes.

3. Come home to what RH calls our 'deep green' - for just a minute or two - when we rest back into our core - of peace, contentment, love, spaciousness. ... whatever resonates  - when we basically feel 'okay' with what is, and we can know this.

We can practice this for ourselves - but it will impact on those around us.