Heartspace practices

In our last session we closed with a 'centering' meditation drawn from Chris Germer's 'The mindful path to self-compassion'  This is a secularised version of a Christian practice Germer describes as deriving from a 14th Trappist monastery attic in Massachusetts (p.260). 

Here is a quote from Father Richard Rohr, OFM., from the Centre for Action and Contemplation:

"Next time a resentment, negativity, or irritation comes into your mind ... consciously move that thought or person into your heart space. Surround thoughts and sensations with silence, with the warmth of your life-blood...In this place it is almost impossible to judge, create story lines, or remain antagonistic. You are in a place that does not create or feed on contraries but is the natural organ of life, embodiment, and love. Love lives and thrives in the heart space."    https://cac.org

There are meditations for centering and balancing ourselves from many contemplative wisdom traditions.  Such 'equanimity' practices help us rise above small-minded judgemental or habitual self-blaming minds - to find a bigger, sensed, 'heart space' within.


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