Pema Chödrön's FEAR practice


The FEAR practice - from Pema Chödrön's ‘Walking the Walk' (Chapter 9)



If feelings become uncomfortable, embarrassing, edgy, fearful:-


Find where it (the feeling) is in your body .. neck, stomach, heart  .. i.e., check in to your felt body sense


Embrace it …  i.e., accept it, feel it just as it is 



Allow the thoughts about it to dissolve …we can practice this throughout our lives  … then abide with the feeling 


Remember … or recall all the other people in the world who are feeling what you are feeling… whether it be enragement, regret,  fear … so it becomes a reference point for our interconnectedness, empathy, compassion.


As a whole - do this with an attitude of kindness, acceptance.

Embrace it, be gentle… we are like all beings over the globe - connected.  


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