Enjoy The Ride

This is the last section from the final chapter of 'Neurodharma' by Rick Hanson:

Enjoy the Ride

It's a wild life. Here we are on a small planet going around an ordinary star on the edge of one galaxy amidst a couple of trillion others. Nearly 14 billion years have passed since our universe bubbled into being. And here we are now. Countless creatures have died so that tiny improvements in their capabilities could be stabilised through evolution in increasingly complex species, and eventually in us today. So many, many things have happened already. And here we are.

It's strange isn't it, this life? You live and love and then you leave. My time will come, and yours, and everyone else's. Meanwhile, we can be gobsmacked with awe and gratitude , and committed to enjoying this life as best we can while learning as much as we can and contributing as much as we can each day.

Along the way, take in the good, helping your beneficial experiences sink in and become lasting strengths inside, woven into the fabric of your body. So many opportunities for this mindful cultivation occur in even the hardest life. Recognise what is wholesome, helpful, beautiful in yourself and in others and in everything. Let it land in you, becoming you.

I once asked the teacher Joseph Goldstein about an experience while wondering if I was on the right track. He listened and nodded and said, "Yes, that's it." And then he emailed and said, "Keep on going." (p. 252)

   -  Rick Hanson


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