A practice with teachings from Thich Nhat Hanh


Coming into a posture that's open and relaxed, and bringing awareness into this moment. Sitting or lying down. Eyes open or closed. With the simple intention to be present, to be here....

'The present moment is the only moment that is real. Your most important task is to be here and now and enjoy the present moment.'

Coming into the body with awareness of the breath ... of the air around the nostrils or mouth ... in the rising and falling of the chest ... in the rising and falling of the belly. Simply bringing awareness to the breath within the body ... this breath ... this moment ... this now....

This in-breath ..... this out-breath ...

'Breathing in, my whole body is harmonised with the breath.

Breathing out, my whole body is calmed with the out-breath.'

Simply breathing ... Coming home...

'Breathing in , I know that I am alive.     Breathing out, I smile to my aliveness.'

Being home ..... this breath .... 

'Every time we come back to our body with mindful breathing, we put an end to out feelings of isolation and alienation, and we have a chance to heal ourselves completely.'

Thich Nhat Hanh taught there is a deep connection between the way one breathes and the way one responds to the world around us.  Mindful breathing practice helps teach us this....

'When we sit down peacefully, breathing and smiling with awareness, we have sovereignty over ourselves.'

Now opening up to awareness of the heart area ... breathing gently into the heat-space ... breathing in warmth and openness ... breathing with the heart ... breathing warmth and compassion ...

For ourselves ...              'May I live with ease

                                       May I live with peace

                                       May I live with hope.'


And widening to all ...    'May we all live with ease

                                      May we all live with peace

                                      May we all live with hope.'




(Extracts in italics from 'Thich Nhat Hanh @ 2018 Unified Buddhist Church, Inc)                                









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