Support ....being vulnerable

'Most of us will have blocks and obstacles ... ways we've toughened our skins, hardened ourselves .. crusts and defences and armouring, whatever ..  so we don't have to feel vulnerable .. we don't have to feel - the word vulnerable is from the word vulnus in Latin - 'wound' - so there's no vulnerability without the vulnus, the wound, we've got to feel the wound and we don't want to .. let alone expose it to another and yet, if we don't, we're kind of doomed in a certain kind of way, or until we do, we're going to live on the surface, and not get to the deeper part of ourselves that is really what we're all longing for anyway, that's what this practice is actually for -  its not for becoming an expert mindfulness practitioner, not at all .. the only purpose of mindfulness in fact is to have more capacity for releasing what stops us from being deeper in ourselves - it helps us precisely because as we get a bit more aware in allowing of what's going on, we can get a bit more allowing and aware of the hurts and the yearnings that we really have and we can find a few more ways to just tap here, tap there, something opens, and we're a little more open, we're a little deeper in our actual life, our actual self ..'

(Original Love series, Zone 2, Support - Henry Shukman, May 2022)

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