Remembering death

'... remember we are going to die ... we think we have time, and that's our mistake .. the reality of our mortality can be brought about to us more or less vividly by events but it's absolutely real regardless ... there are schools that encourage us to remember every day - this will all end, the experience we're having right now, each of us, it will end for each of us .. and isn't it enough just to call that to mind every day? (Henry Shukman)

'... one of the central teachings of the Buddha is the truth of impermanence .. and the real bedrock of the spiritual path is coming to terms with our mortality and in part it turns us toward this profound appreciation for life as it is and in the work I've done for so many decades of being with the dying's changed my priorities ... why is it important to cultivate a mind of love? why is it important to leave the violence of disrespect, of disparagement, of hatred behind? why is it important to mitigate, diminish confusion, delusion? What is really important to do in this life? ..I think it is to wake up ..and  to actualise compassion in the fundamental experience of wisdom.    I also hope death is the great equaliser.   Everything that is near to us and dear to us will go and as such this moment as it is is the place where we're called to wake up.' (Roshi Joan Halifax)

( from the Original Love series on Samadhi, August 2022) 

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