A New Year and the imperative to Wake Up.

In 'Afterword - Evolutionary Imperative', the final chapter of her book 'The Little Book of Being', Diana Winston writes about the importance of meditation practices:

'So rather than being navel-gazing, which meditation is occasionally accused of, it is absolutely connected to our outer change. I believe that for human survival, there is an evolutionary imperative for us to wake up - to wake up to our inner suffering and learn how to reduce it, and then wake up to the suffering of others and of the planet. We need to act from a mind that has reduced its clinging, that defaults to awareness and compassion, that lives from a place of connectedness. When these realisations are second nature, there is no question in my mind that each individual will contribute to the cultural and institutional change that is so deeply needed in this time. It is urgent that we practice - and let this practice mature - so that we can become agents of peace.'


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