MBSR, MBCT and other mindfulness-based health books & manuals:-


Full Catastrophe Living  -  How to cope with stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation.        Jon Kabat-Zinn


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression.     Zindel Segal, Mark Williams & John Teasdale


The Mindful Way through Depression – Freeing yourself from chronic unhappiness.      Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal & John Kabat-Zinn


The Mindful Way Workbook.  An 8 week programme to free yourself from Depression and Emotional Depression.          John Teasdale, Mark Williams & Zindel Segal


Mindfulness – a practical guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World.       Mark Williams & Danny Williams


Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy.         Rebecca Crane


Heal Thy Self  - Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine.         Saki Santorelli


Mindfulness and Mental Health  - Therapy, Theory and Science.     Chris Mace


Mindfulness in Eight Weeks.      Michael Chaskalson


The Mindful Way through Anxiety  - Break Free from Chronic Worry and Reclaim your Life.  Susan Orsillo & Lizabeth Roemer


Calming Your Anxious Mind – how mindfulness & compassion can free you from anxiety, fear & panic.      Jeffrey Brantley


Daily Meditations For Calming Your Anxious Mind.       Jeffrey Brantley & Wendy Millstine


Mindfulness for Health – a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring wellbeing.       Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman


The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety – A Guide to Breaking Free from Anxiety, Phobias & Worry Using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.       John Forsyth & Georg Eifert


The Mindfulness Workbook – A beginner’s guide to overcoming fear & embracing compassion.          Thomas Roberts


Mindful Eating – A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food.       Jan Chozen Bays


Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.           Edited by Christopher Germer, Ronald Siegal and Paul Fulton



Popular Mindfulness:


Wherever You Go There You Are – Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life.    Jon Kabat-Zinn


Everyday Blessings - The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting.         Myla & Jon Kabat-Zinn


Mindfulness  -  A Practical Guide.       Tessa Watt


Emotional Intelligence – Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.             Daniel Goleman


The Power of Now – A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.        Eckart Tolle 


The Mindfulness Manifesto – How Doing Less and Noticing More Can Help Us Thrive in a Stressed-Out World.             Jonty Heaversedge &  Ed Halliwell 


Sane New World – Taming the Mind.      Ruby Wax


Thrive.    Ariana Huffington


Awakening Joy – 10 Steps to Happiness.      James Baraz & Shoshana Alexander  


Life Happens – Waking up to yourself and your life in a mindful way.              Cheryl Rezek


Mindfulness for busy people – turning Frantic and Frazzled into calm and composed.            Michael Sinclair & Josie Seydel 


The Little Book of Mindfulness  - 10 Minutes a Day to Less Stress, More Peace.       Patrizia Collard


The Mindful Geek.       Michael W. Taft


Dancing with Elephants      Jarem Sawatsky


The Little Book of Being     Diana Winston   



Compassion & Mindfulness:


The Compassionate Mind – A New Approach to Life’s Challenges.         Paul Gilbert


Mindful Compassion – Using the Power of Mindfulness and Compassion to Transform Our Lives.   Paul Gilbert & Choden


The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion – Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and Emotions.    Christopher Germer


Loving–Kindness – The Revolutionary Art of Happiness.      Sharon Salzberg


Self Compassion - stop beating yourself up and leave insecurity behind.       Kristin Neff


The Self-Acceptance Project - How to be Kind & Compassionate Toward Yourself in Any Situation.   Edited by Tami Simon


Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living.      Erik van den Brink & Frits Koster


A Practical Guide to Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living       Erik van den Brink & Frits Koster   


The Compassionate Mind Workbook  - A step-by-step guide to developing your compassionate self.    Chris Irons and

Elaine Beaumont

Trusting the Gold - Learning to Nuture Your Inner Light.   Tara Brach 


Mindfulness & Neuroscience:


Looking for Spinoza – Joy, Sorrow and the Feeling Brain.      Antonio Damasio


Buddha’s Brain - the practical neuroscience of happiness, love & wisdom.      Rick Hanson & Richard Mendius


Just One Thing – developing a buddha brain one simple practice at a time.        Rick Hanson


Hardwiring Happiness - How to reshape your brain and your life.    Rick Hanson


Resilient - Find your Inner Strength.         Rick Hanson


Neurodharma - 7 steps to the highest happiness.            Rick Hanson


Mind, Brain and the Path to Happiness – A guide to Buddhist mind training and the neuroscience of meditation.                   Dusana Dorjee


Mind, Brain & Body:


The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat.      Oliver Sachs


Gratitude.    Oliver Sachs   


Trauma and Memory - Brain and Body in a Search for the Living Past: A Practical Guide for Understanding and Working with Traumatic Memory.         Peter A. Levine


The Body Keeps the Score - Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma.       Bessel Van Der Kolk


The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy.       Deb Dana


Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve - Self-help exercises  for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Autism.

Stanley Rosenberg


Am I Dreaming? The Science of Altered States, from Psychedelics to Virtual Reality, and Beyond.        James Kingsland


How to Change Your Mind - The New Science of Psychedelics.           Michael Pollan




Mindfulness: Buddhism/ Spiritual approaches/ Further Horizons:



Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind - Informal talks on Zen Meditation and Practice.          Shunryu Suzuki


Mindfulness – A Practical Guide to Awakening.        Joseph Goldstein


Insight Meditation – The Practice of Freedom.        Joseph Goldstein


The Miracle of Mindfulness – A Manual Of Meditations.          Thich Nhat Hanh  


Anger – Buddhist wisdom for cooling the flames.        Thich Nhat Hanh  


The Long Road Turns To Joy - A Guide to Walking Meditation.          Thich Nhat Hanh


The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh.        Ed. Melvin McLeod 


A Path With Heart - The classic guide through the perils and promises of spiritual life.        Jack Kornfield


The Wise Heart: Buddhist Psychology for the West.        Jack Kornfield


When things fall apart  - heart advice for difficult times.          Pema Chödrön


Start where you are - how to accept yourself and others.      Pema Chödrön   


Welcoming the unwelcome - wholehearted living in a brokenhearted world.       Pema Chödrön


Untangling Self - A Buddhist Investigation of Who We Really Are.       Andrew Olendski             


Simple Kindness.          Ajahn Candasiri


Living `Presence – A Sufi Way to Mindfulness & the Essential Self.       Kabir Edmund Helminski


Man's Search for Meaning.                     Victor E. Frankl


A Force for Good – The Dalai Lama’s Vision for Our World.              Daniel Goleman


Mindfulness – Diverse Perspectives on its Meaning, Origins and Applications.

Editors: Mark Williams & Jon Kabat-Zinn


Coming to Our Senses – Healing `Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness.       Jon Kabat-Zinn


Living like  Crazy.       Paul Gilbert


The Four Agreements - A Toltec Wisdom Book.     Don Miguel Ruiz


Meditations - Marcus Aurelius       Translated by Martin Hammond


Essentials.       David Whyte  


Ecopsychology - Restoring the Earth through Healing the Mind.     Edited by Theodore Roszak, Mary E. Gomes & Allen D. Kanner       

Isla Negra - A Notebook -  Pablo Neruda       A Bi-Lingual Edition Translated by Alastair Reid


You Belong - A Call for Connection.           Sebene Selassie


The Joyful Environmentalist.              Isabel Losada 


The Little Book of Being - Practice and Guidance for Uncovering Your Natural Awareness.           Diana Winston 


Quicksand.                Henning Mankell


One Blade of Grass.                Henry Shukman


Depth Psychology and Climate Change - The Green Book.               Ed. Dale Mathers


Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet.                   Thich Nhat Hanh


This is Water - Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life.      David Foster Wallace


Falling Open in a World Falling Apart.             Amoda Maa


Zen in the Art of Helping.                David Brandon 

Insight Dialogue - The Interpersonal Path to Freedom.       Gregory Kramer


Through Forests of Every Colour - Awakening with Koans.

Joan Sutherland 


Mindfulness &  Health through Yoga, Tai Chi and other Embodied Practices :


Mindfulness Yoga – The Awakening Union of Breath, Body and Mind.      Frank Jude Boccio


Yoga & Psychotherapy - The Evoltion of Consciousness.        Swami Rama, Rudolph Ballentine & Swami Ajaya


The Book of Yoga - The Complete Step-by-Step Guide - The Sivananda Yoga Centre.        Lucy Lidell, Narayani & Giris Rabinovitch


Yoga Therapy for Fear - Treating Anxiety, Depression and Rage with the Vagus Nerve and Other Techniques.          

Beth Spindler


Embodied Meditation - Mindfulness, The Body, and Daily Life.        Mark Walsh & Karin Van Maanen      



Mindfulness related CDs/audio books/apps


Guided Mindfulness Meditation: Series 1, 2 & 3.        Jon Kabat-Zinn


Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief.       Jon Kabat-Zinn


Mindfulness for Beginners.         Jon Kabat-Zinn


You Are Here.         Thich Nhat Hanh


Self-Directed Brain Change.         Rick Hanson


Noble Heart:   A self- guided retreat on befriending your obstacles.   (CD collection and Audio)      Pema Chodron


Embracing The Unknown:  Life Lessons from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  (Audio)      Pema Chödrön


The Fearless Heart.   (Audio)     Pema Chödrön


Waking Up.  (App)       Sam Harris


Radical Self-Acceptance.  (Audio)       Tara Brach


Nourishing Intimacy.    (Audio)         Tara Brach


Mindfulness Daily  (Sounds True)    (Audio/App)      Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach   


Befriending the Nervous System      (Audiobook)             Deb Dana


Websites & email addresses:  (Christopher Germer)  (science of meditation & compassion) (Pema Chodron)

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