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Monthly Zoom meetings:-

After a short summer break, from early autumn (2022) we plan to continue with our monthly Zoom meetings but in addition are considering a monthly in person meeting so our meetings (Zoom & in person) are effectively fortnightly. There'll be short guided practices (from 2 to 20 minutes) with an emphasis on simple, adaptable practice that can be used both formally and as everyday on-the-spot practice at home or at work - or wherever you may be. There will also be some movement practices - walking and adapted tai-chi and qi gong moves.

The readings, practices and their derivations/ spiritual orientations and scientific bases plus references and any links will be posted up soon after each session.

ps If you follow any of the posted audio practices you will need to press the stop button at the end of the practice as otherwise -  for some reason - you will find yourself listening to an adjacent practice. Sorry .... the vagaries ...! 

For more information please email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Falling Open..

Amoda Maa writes:

'While the invitation of openness is a timeless one - it is the essential pointer to freedom that cuts through all cultures, all ages, and all traditions - it is also a very timely one. As collective consciousness exhibits increasing polarisation leading to increased fear of those with a different worldview, it also mirrors the underlying grip of ego consciousness that fears its own demise. Nations go to war with each other; the ego goes to war with the present moment.The resolution to both the inner tension of the ego-self and the outer tension of the world is the willingness to surrender the argument with what is: to meet reality without resistance. This willingness to surrender is a falling - moment to moment - into silent awareness. And it is up to each one of us to take responsibility for this.'  (Falling Open in a World Falling Apart, p.16)

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On meditation ...

'Let the meditation do the meditation' 

'Let the stillness be the meditation' ...

If we can drop the effort from our practice we may touch into a deeper quiet and a greater stillness ..

'Feel the mighty still earth beneath you .. all we're dolng is joining it in our stillness.'

(from Henry Shukman's Original Love Course, Zone 3, session 1, summer 2022)


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Remembering death

'... remember we are going to die ... we think we have time, and that's our mistake .. the reality of our mortality can be brought about to us more or less vividly by events but it's absolutely real regardless ... there are schools that encourage us to remember every day - this will all end, the experience we're having right now, each of us, it will end for each of us .. and isn't it enough just to call that to mind every day? (Henry Shukman)

'... one of the central teachings of the Buddha is the truth of impermanence .. and the real bedrock of the spiritual path is coming to terms with our mortality and in part it turns us toward this profound appreciation for life as it is and in the work I've done for so many decades of being with the dying's changed my priorities ... why is it important to cultivate a mind of love? why is it important to leave the violence of disrespect, of disparagement, of hatred behind? why is it important to mitigate, diminish confusion, delusion? What is really important to do in this life? ..I think it is to wake up ..and  to actualise compassion in the fundamental experience of wisdom.    I also hope death is the great equaliser.   Everything that is near to us and dear to us will go and as such this moment as it is is the place where we're called to wake up.' (Roshi Joan Halifax)

( from the Original Love series on Samadhi, August 2022) 

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Support .... the most important thing

'Basically the most important thing in the world ... is support ... realising that we're not alone is the most important thing we can do...

If we just allow this moment to be as it is, and for our troubled hearts to be as they are .. even a happy heart, a light-hearted heart, if you study it, has got this sense of engagement going on...'

(Henry Shukman, Original Love - Support. May 2022)

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